The Saturday Wrap: 6/12/2010

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Oh me, oh my, what a week gone by. Have you noticed things may have seemed a little quiet around DroidDog this past week? That would be due to a large move where, when all is said and done, everything associated with the site will be faster and error free. Yay! This may come as a shock to you, but just because we here at DroidDog aren’t pumping out articles, doesn’t mean the Android world has stopped spinning. We still have tons of the usual to go over in this week’s Wrap, so let’s get right into it:

EVO fever

Ooww!! There is a bad case of EVO fever hitting the country. While I myself haven’t come down with even the slightest tickle (mostly because at the rate Android phones are coming out… the next big thing will be a season away), the HTC EVO 4G is everywhere. I think this line from Sprint gives you a good idea of what’s going on, “The total number of HTC EVO 4G devices sold on launch day was in line with the number of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre devices sold over their first three days on the market combined.” That’s a lot of EVO. What else has Sprint’s flagship been up this week? We saw just about everything EVO with a SICK SAD scratch test (who the hell made these things popular anyway?), an AWESOME magnetic macro lens, and the EVO’s very own first ROM. It sounded like #teamandroid’s newest front man could do no bad until it was revealed that it’s running at a max of 30fps… that may not sound bad, but my myTouch 3G is running at 57. It’s being said the problem isn’t just the EVO though, it’s all new HTC devies. Look for more on this ASAP.

Upcoming devices

With all the EVO excitement going around, you’d think that’s all anyone cared about. That is quite untrue. Motorla made the news this past week with a couple of very interesting leaks. You may have been teased one too many times with spy shots of the DROID 2 lately, but at least the DROID X got some serious HD camera time. Another Motorola getting some attention was the Milestone XT720. Not only did the XT720 get a spec boost to a 700+mhz processor and 512MB RAM, it is also available for pre-order over at eXpansys for about $650 with T-Mobile 3G and all.

HTC has been the subject of  some very confusing leaks this past week. We think the Inturder… err I mean Aria Liberty should be coming to AT&T soon. Hopefully we can clear up what this little guys name is, because I can’t take much more of this. One upcoming HTC device we know a lot about, the Legend, is coming to Virgin Mobile soon for a very modest price. The Legend is yet another device rumored to still come to AT&T.

The Samsung Galaxy S (with it’s superior S-AMOLED screen) has made it’s round for the week. The Galaxy S now has it’s own website, along with a June 15th delivery date on Vodafone UK, and July 21st projected date for T-mobile US. The Galaxy S isn’t the only Galaxy coming soon, say hello to the Apollo. The Apollo is a smaller feature rich Samsung Android that you can expect to see more info on soon. If you really can’t wait for more info on the Apollo (I have no idea why that would be… … seriously…), then check out the Samsung Acclaim… because that one looks super.. cool.. too.

Of course, our manufacturer roundup of upcoming Android devices wouldn’t be complete without LG and SE. LG is said to be working on 20 (!!??!!) Android devices in the next 6 months, and Sony Ericsson is working on at least 2.

Updates, apps, and rooting hacks

App and update news was sloooow this week. The best we saw from both categories was a TV guide app, multi-touch in the newest Fennec build, new 4sqr functionality, and news of an update possibly coming soon for the Samsung Behold II to 1.6. Wasn’t this thing supposed to get 2.1?

Even though app and update news was slow, the hacking and rooting community way more than made up for it. Not only did the HTC Incredible get root access, but the Legend and Dell Streak did too! Could the Android community get any cooler? They could if they hacked the Nexus One to record in 720p HD. Oh wait… they did. Win.

Reviews and… Dogfights!

Noah from over at PhoneDog has been super busy this past week, and guess who gets to reap all the rewards? If you would kindly look up, you can watch a tantalizing part 1 to the Incredible VS EVO Dogfight that is shaping up to be intense. I love Dogfights and I can’t WAIT for the iPhone 4 vs Incredible vs EVO vs Galaxy S fight. Check out the preview and look for that coming this summer. While you wait though, check out Noah’s other Android vids with his myTouch Slide software review part one and part two.


Well guys, that’s about all for this week. Before I go, don’t forget to check out the new freshly released Garminfone commercial, which just may be a part of T-Mobile’s big plans for June 19th. Ugh, please let there be a retail Nexus, please let there be a retail Nexus.

- @DustinEarley