The Saturday Wrap: 6/26/2010

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It’s official people, summer is here. There are leaks and updates EVERYWHERE. For all of us in the Android Community, it’s no surprise that Android is leading the pack. Want some major proof? Please keep in mind that this is a rumor, but if it’s true, it’s definitely major proof. Verizon Wireless, the nation’s number one wireless carrier, is holding a meeting Sunday. During that meeting, they plan on announcing that they are dropping the ‘Wireless’ from their name, and they will be letting employees know that they have no interest in obtaining the iPhone. They want to push Android, hard. How does it feel to be involved with the next big thing people? Pretty awesome, I know. So what else has our green little monster been up to this past week? Let’s get right into this:

Upcoming devices

If there was one Android device that stole most of the upcoming Android device news this past week, it was the Motorola DROID X. Ready for the onslaught? Deep breath. Verizon held a press conference for the (BLURless) DROID X and that was only the beginning.  Since then, it has been torn apart for the world to see, benchmarked, shown off gaming style, and put up for preorder. Let’s face it guys, this phone is going to be big. Motorola is also still kicking around the DROID 2, but it’s not getting nearly as much press.

Samsung stuck to the one device press tactic this week with the Galaxy S, and for good reason; the Galaxy S is being thrown at every carrier who will accept it. Sprint has the GS Pro, AT&T has the Captivate, and now T-Mobile has the Vibrant. It took quite the head-game for the Vibrant to go official, but at least it’s there. PhoneDog will have plenty coverage coming on the Vibrant, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, check out the official support page type thing.

Still hungry for more? Check out these last three links worth a read: Alcatel rockin’ some pre-paid AndroidsAria free on contract, and T-Mobile’s rumored new monster phone.

Apps, updates, and hacks

This week was huge for hacking news, but first, let’s cover some app and update news.

Google has been busy this week updating and opening up a few apps, as well as flexing some control over apps that may contain malware and what have you… but that’s not all. They have also released the source code for Froyo 2.2, which I will touch on in a minute.

Other app news includes a quick over view of (a new service to help discover the Android market) from John and some thoughts on an experimental app that would change the way you interact with your phone while driving from Nicole. Interesting… very interesting.

Speaking on interesting… this weeks update news was just that. Especially official Froyo builds. Not only did FRF72 get a leak, but supposedly FRF83 (the official release of Froyo) is going OTA now. We’re still trying to gather more on that one, but in the meantime, there’s still more…

Sticking with 2.2, the DROID is slated to receive Froyo in July (and the DROID X in August), The Samsung Moment (and HTC Hero) will not see 2.2, and the Behold II is finally being updated to 1.6. *Sad horn*

Time for something fun… hacking, rooting, and modding. The Android community has been super busy making our awesome new devices even awesomer. Here’s a rundown of what’s been going on: Remember that 30fps cap on the EVO? Well that’s been fixed, along with wireless N being added to the device. What about rooting devices? John rooted the myTouch Slide on a Mac for all to see, the Galaxy S was rooted, the SE X10 was rooted, and well… so was just about every HTC device you could want.

What was the best hacking news to come out of this past week? It’s a fair toss up between two things. The HTC HD2 has almost been conquered. It’s about time. It won’t be long now, and you should have Android up and running on what is quite possibly one of the most sexy devices HTC has ever built. What could be greater than, or just as great as this? CyanogenMod 6. Cyanogen and his team has their hands on the source code for 2.2 and they are working feverishly on getting the ROM out to EVERYONE. That means Dream, Magic, DROID, Nexus, Desire, EVO, and the myTouch Slide. !!!


We don’t have a ton of review news for you this week, but what we do have is pretty cool. Marques has put up an amazing review (see above) on Smart Keyboard Pro which looks well worth the $1.99. Look for more reviews from MKB coming soon.


Well guys and gals, that’s all for this week. Be sure to come back here for more news on everything Android as soon as it hits the pipes. While you wait, I would highly recommend reading these two posts and pondering the possible: Intel and Android x86Dell and Google sittin’ in a tree. Sound good? Good. See ya soon! Enjoy!