The Saturday Wrap: 6/5/2010

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What a month, what a month. May has come and gone and we are officially into the six month of the year… almost the second half (you know, the half with the craziest deals on phones and all those holiday releases). Before I get too ahead of myself, we already have all of this summer to look forward to; it hasn’t even really started yet! We knew summer 2010 would be the time for some amazing releases, and in just this past week alone we saw two that are no laughing matter. Of course, we got a ton of other stuff to cover too, so let’s get right into this:

They used to be upcoming…

…and now they are finally here. Yeah, I’m talking about the myTouch Slide and the HTC EVO. Let’s save the best for last shall we?

The myTouch Slide slid into stores on the second, and the reviews are still looking good. You can go to your local T-Mo store and order now for $179 after mail in rebate. If you need some extra help deciding if this is the device for you, check out John’s unboxing and T-Mo’s very own how to guides.

The HTC EVO 4G finally dropped on the Sprint network this week. For those of you who can grab the EVO (or for those who plan on trying again tomorrow), you can do so for $199.99 with a new 2 year contract. Just looking to upgrade? You can do that for $299.99. If you’re looking to go all out and just buy the darn thing, well, $549.99 please. Of course, if you can wait, you can always grab it from WireFly for $140. The choice is yours. If you do decide to order one and wait, sit down and cozy up with Beron’s full written review to hold you over.

Upcoming devices

OK, there was seriously A LOT of info and leaks this week on upcoming devices so pay attention. I’ll try to make this painless.

Two of the bigger more exciting upcoming devices to receive some more press this week were the Verizon Shadow and Extreme. The Droid Extreme is looking good in the not one, but two photo shoots it was involved in this week. While the Shadow wasn’t in any pictures, it was the subject of some interesting benchmark tests. Both of these Verizon beasts look intense, but the Scorpion is what has me excited. 1.5ghz processor? No need to continue…

Another big (I mean that literally) upcoming device that was out and about was a device I have been seriously considering myself, the Dell Streak. Tangent time: I ran into a forum post this week talking about how one member made a cardboard cutout of the Streak to see if it would be possible to carry around… sounds funny but it’s a great idea. Try it yourself kids! Also, I know 5 inches in big… but SE has a 5.5 inch prototype floating around with a physical keyboard. Beat that Dell! Tangent over. For now, the Streak is said to be launched subsidized on AT&T  at an unknown price(I’m still holding out for that T-Mobile version that passed through the FCC)  and unlocked on for $500. For now, you can check out an unboxing vid of the freshly launched UK Streak and a quick hands on of the amazing looking HDMI dock.

The prepaid market will see some Android love soon. Boost Mobile is launching the i1 on the 20th, and Metro PCS is getting a very Cliqesque Moto slider that looks and sounds pretty nice for the price.

Another Motorola device went official this past week, and it’s one you may remember too. Take a look at the terrible mess interesting device that is the Motorola Flipout. The Flipout has only been announced for the UK so far, but if you ask me, it looks to be right up AT&T’s alley. Of course, if I was on AT&T, I would just wait for the HTC Aria.

Here’s a ton of other upcoming devies you may also want to check out: Acer beTouch 120; Acer Ferrari phone; Acer eBook reader; Viliv X10; Toshiba TC100-114; Huawei S7; Big ol’ Samsung Tablet

Apps and updates

This week in apps news, famous media-syncing program Double Twist got a very good looking media player into the Android Market. Hop on over to to download their desktop client and to read more about the servies they have to offer.

Another famous service that went private beta this week was Audible. Beron got an invite to the private beta and so far so good. Look for more info and a release date shortly.

Last but not least in app news, I took a second to go over one of my favorite apps in the Android Market, a police scanner by the name of Scanner Radio. Check out the post for quick instructions on how to get the scanner up and running for you.

We saw more of the usual update news this week with the HTC Hero GSM flavor finally receiving an update to 2.1, and Moto Cliq being pegged to receive 2.1 beginning next month.

Speaking of Motorola… Just in case you were waiting for those Froyo notifications to come through and tell you when 2.2 would be available for your Moto DROID, wait no longer. It’s by no means official, or perfect, but a Froyo 2.2 ROM has surfaced for the Motorola DROOOOIIIIDDD that’s ready to be downloaded now.

Fun stuff

Oh yeah, it’s back this week. And with a vengeance I might add. Among the EVO getting it’s first commercial, and Zong coming to the rescue for your in-game credit purchasing needs, we saw some awesome news about Google’s web-centric Chrome OS coming soon and some ever awesomer news about a PSX (Playstation) EMU (emulator) coming to Android. Oh man I wanna play FFVII on a Nexus. If you’re looking for a little more desktop or phone customization, we’ve got you you covered. Alberto made an awesome Google homepage skin with Andy the pirate pillaging your computer and Jon Quatch from tehkseven made 6 different wallpapers for DroidDog fans to enjoy on their devices. Thanks Jon!

Giveaway alert

Remember earlier when I said I was saving the best for last? I wasn’t just talking about the newly released phones! Our Very Own Carlos Graves is at it again this week with.. oh wait… I know what you’re thinking… Didn’t we just end a give away last week? Didn’t Keith H. from Sabattus, ME just win an extended battery for his Nexus One? Yes, but, guess what? It’s summer and we can do what we want! This weeks giveaway is for a shiny Nexus One desktop dock. Watch the video above, and check out the post here for all the info you need to win. Good luck guys!

Well that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to come back here for everything Android and more, alright? Check ya later skater, enjoy!