Updates, updates, gettt ya updates! …eventually… maybe.

motorola update listAt this point in Android’s life cycle, “legacy” problems and updates are still a real real sore spot for many users. I want to take a second to reiterate something that I know tends to slip from our minds. Phones. Don’t. Live. Forever. That’s all there is to it. I’m sure most manufacturers would love to push upgrades and new features at every chance they get. The problem is that it’s really not possible. Handset manufacturers are trying to find a balance between new hardware and new software, all while using a new operating system. So far, I think things are going pretty smoothly. Of course, Google wants to help solve the problem, so they are looking into multiple solutions for software updates. One of the best being a UI overhaul to Gingerbread so great, no one wants to use anything but stock. Until then though, we always have lists like the one to my right to hold us over.

The picture to the right is a table of when Motorola plans to roll out upgrades to most of the Android handsets they have floating around the world right now. While the table and the info inside are always great, it’s not really anything we didn’t already know/hear. Unfortunately, Motorola is only listing 2.1 upgrades… no mention of Froyo in sight. According to PCWorld, there are still quite a few devices that will see 2.2, including at least one Motorla. Their list looks a little something like this:

“The Android 2.2 Upgrade List: Phones Definitely Getting Froyo

• Nexus One.

• Motorola Droid

• HTC Droid Incredible


• MyTouch 3G and MyTouch 3G Slide

• HTC Desire

The Android 2.2 Upgrade List: Phones Where Froyo Looks Iffy

• Motorola Devour

• HTC Droid Eris and HTC Hero

• Motorola Backflip

The Android 2.2 Upgrade List: Phones Not Expected to Get Froyo

• T-Mobile G1

• Samsung Behold II “

So what do you guys think? Is anyone devastated about any of this update news, or are you pleasantly surprised? Or… did you pretty much know all this already? Me, I’m going with the latter, but it’s always nice to see this stuff in writing.

Via Android Community ; Android Central