A glimpse of CyanogenMod 6 on the HTC EVO 4G

Once I saw that people were running the latest nightly builds of CyanogenMod on the EVOs, I needed to give it a shot. But I have to admit, getting my EVO rooted – at least at the time I did it – wasn’t exactly easy. SimpleRoot and unrevoked now have painless tools for hacking your post-OTA EVO, but if there’s one point you should take away from the video introduction below, it’s that you partake in hacking at your own risk and that you need to read quite a bit before you even think of touching your phone. It’s also important to be sure you have all the appropriate files on hand before you begin and that you’ve found some threads where people in your exact situation (firmware version, computer OS, etc.) are experiencing resonably painless success with a given method.

Disclaimers aside, I have absolutely zero regrets about hacking my EVO or about installing a CyanogenMod nightly build. It isn’t a finished product just yet, but the ROM is pretty amazing. And I say that without truly appreciating everything this software has to offer, or all of the work that’s gone on behind the scenes and under the hood. I’m sure I’ve missed a great deal of features in this quick overview, but I intend to write a more in-depth review, or at least walk-through, later on – probably when the final release for EVO is out. What I have seen is impressive, and while this ROM is “not to be used as a daily driver,” I’ve had no problems so far, save a few minor visual glitches.