Adobe unveils P2P Video Calling based on Adobe Air

Adobe Air has not yet made an appearance on Android, and developers and Adobe alike are extremely excited about it. Adobe Air beta runs bug free on Android as I tested it. However, the test was far from a real benchmark as there are only a few handfuls of applications currently available. Tweetdeck has not yet been released and others are yet to follow.

In the midst of all this, Adobe has made its own P2P video calling Air app for Android. The app is in development and is not even an alpha version. The demo below is just a concept demo tested by Engadget.

The demo shows the video freezing at places but this is a result of just three days of work and we will definitely see better of this app. The Air version powering this app is 2.5 and now that it is feature complete, it is under constant test on various platforms.

Flash for mobile is still on a rocky boat and Adobe is focusing more on Air currently. However, Adobe should think twice before killing away platforms like these. First Shockwave and now Flash, it really punches developers in the guts.

(Via: Engadget)

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