Android 2.2 debuts on the Platform Versions chart

Another Android release, another update to the Platform Versions page.  While it’s only a measly 1.8%, Android 2.2 has made its official debut on the chart.  Keep in mind that the official 2.2 update is still only available on the Nexus One and has only been on the airwaves for a few days.  Several other devices are slated to get some Froyo goodness soon.

Android 2.1 also gained about 3% of the market share since the last update.  On the flip side, Android 1.5 devices are on the decline.  I suppose that Hero/Moment/Eris owners are finally realizing that there is an update available.

A new (and welcomed) addition to the Platform Version page is a running history of where we’ve been with OS versions.  Based on the chart below, you can clearly see that Android 1.6 is holding steady, while 2.1 (and now 2.2) is taking a bite out of Android 1.5′s donut.  It will probably be a long time before 1.5 and 1.6 drop off of the list completely

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