Android Market at 70K apps and growing

Want some more proof in the growth rate of Android’s success? In just three short months, the Market has grown from 50k apps, to 70k. That translates to nearly 7,000 new apps a month. Now this information comes straight from Google, because a company named AndroidLib originally came out today and said there was 100k apps in the Market, a 30k difference. Speculation is that the difference comes from international and US markets, but there is no definite answer at this time. Here are some more specs from AndroidLib, but again, just keep in mind what I said above:

-Right now, about 61.4% of the apps in the Android Market are free. Roughly 38.6% of the apps charge a fee. Free apps are more popular to download than the for-pay apps (for obvious reasons).

-Google has said that it is activating 66,000 new Android handsets per day.

-Android Market added 14,000+ new apps in May, 15,000+ apps in June, and more than 10,000 this month (already!). On July 6 alone, more than 1,500 apps and games were published.

Pretty impressive. If you’re looking to browse some of those apps, why not check out the DroidDog app store? You can find QR codes, ratings, descriptions… the whole nine yards. Any bets on when the Market will hit 200k?

Via Engadget