Android Market gets Carrier Billing, makes it easier to install Paid Apps

The most popular way of installing apps on Android is the Android market. However, installing paid apps is quite different from installing free apps. The Android market currently works on a charge per paid app install basis. Therefore, if we install a paid app, we will need to pay at the end of each single transaction using Google Checkout. However, some changes can occur in the Android market terms and policy soon over the next few days, which can make installing apps an easier and hassle free matter.


According to this new policy, the app install charges will be aggregated and sent along with the carrier bill for the month. A similar billing process has been present on the iPhone always. However, it is not carrier billing. The bill is added to your credit amount on a separate account and you are charged from there at the end of the month. The payment method offered on Android makes this optional. Therefore, if you are getting a paid app from the Market, you have the option of paying using Google Checkout out or using the carrier billing option. Apart from the iPhone, all T-Mobile customers have also been enjoying this billing style for a long time. In all probability, Google is trying to implement this as a standard payment method across all other networks.

The feature has no timeline for a full-fledged release. However, we can expect it in a month. Google is working with carriers to implement this system on carriers.

(Source: ReadWriteWeb)

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