Android finds usage in Battle and other Field Operations

Android has a slew of devices, largely smartphones with some Tablet devices in the market and an equally good number in manufacturing. Adding to this list, Android will now extend to other custom and specialized devices. The United States Army will be using Android based devices to scan areas for enemies and this will aid significantly in field operations.


Raytheon is a company specializing in defense and commercial electronics goods manufacturing. It is a defense contractor working with the United States Army and has decided on a device based on Android. The device in question will be used to handle an unmanned bot expected to be a flier and get aerial data for a particular region within a certain range.

Raytheon calls it the Raytheon Android Tactical System or RATS. Raytheon could vouch for Android based on its app development capabilities and the openness of the platform. Features of RATS may include a streaming video view of the area and picking specific image data like face, number plates and vehicles for cross-referencing by uploading them to the headquarter. The same technology in RATS can be used as a biometric scanner to check for fingerprints and uses an encryption to protect all the data it sends out.

RATS has taken two years to build and prospective buyers include the Department of Homeland Securities in the US, US Army that already shows interest and the Indian Military. The device will add another score to Android, which is already taking over Apple in commercial usage.

(Image via: Topsolid blog)
(News via: Forbes)

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