New Android Rootkit allows Full Data Access

Android is becoming a popular OS and poses serious threats to cellphone manufacturers like Apple, Blackberry and Nokia. Android has shown an immense growth and can throw them out of the race soon. However, with so many Android devices all around us, one important concern that comes to my mind is security. Every feature on offer in an Android device takes it closer to insecurity by providing access to more of user data.

At the recent DefCon hackers conference at Las Vegas, Nicholas Percoco, head of Spider Labs has distributed an application that can allow a rootkit to enter an Android device. Following this, the Android device acts as a bot for the hacker who has full remote-control over the device. The hack was successfully demoed on Legend and Desire devices at the conference, after which; the code was distributed to all the attendees on a DVD.


The code took merely two weeks to develop and the app has been released to pressurize Google to fix the bugs that allows this exploit. This hack can make personal data of users vulnerable to remote access and can lead to security concerns, now that so many people have it on DVD and might be distributing and trying it already.

However, the release will not get Percoco in trouble as hackers do this all the time at DefCon. It is their way of saying, I pwn you.