Angry Birds coming to Android

If you follow Apple news at all, you’ve probably heard the title Angry Birds recently mentioned in reference to iOS 4, multi-tasking, or just as part of a post on popular apps. And what an app Angry Birds is. I have to admit, I’m hooked. It’s the one iPhone 4 game that can hold my attention, handle the new iOS multitasking, and frustratingly amuse me to no end while I unsuccessfully attempt to sling my way to sleep at night.

The birds are angry, but why? Because those gluttonous green pigs eat their eggs for breakfast. Monsters! And the best way to get revenge on the heartless swine is, of course, to shoot various birds through the air strategically as to dislodge the pigs’ protective forts and pop their ugly faces.

Sure, the concept is simple enough at first – you’ve got a slingshot, targets, birds, and physics. But it does get tricky. With multiple layers of diverse building materials – not to mention helmets – the pigs aren’t giving up easily. And it’s going to take a whole village of different birds to destroy them: Birds that drop exploding eggs, birds that can pierce through wood with a vengence after being tapped in the air, birds that can multiply mid-flight, and others.

Not only are the graphics fantastic, the sound design alone is enough to make curious folks within earshot burst out in gleeful giggles. I love this game. It is a gas, for sure. And I never use that term in that way. Angry Birds will hit the Android Market this summer.

Via Android Central