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twitterFor those of you who haven’t run across a link to each of the editors’ Twitter accounts at some time browsing this site, here is a list with links to all of them. Of course you can follow the official @DroidDog account for short and sweet updates on all recent posts, but we as individuals can be a pretty entertaining bunch as well. Each of us has our own favorite topics for tweeting; from the tiny details of the latest cooked ROM to discussing tech gatherings, to sharing a great new album we’ve discovered. So hit the links followed by the “follow” button and let us know if you have a question or suggestion, or if you just want to say hi!

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Marques Brownlee: @MKBHD

Nicole Cozma: @c0z

Dustin Earley: @DustinEarley

Carlos Graves: @CarlosGraves

Breon Nagy: @Breon

Alberto Vildosola: @alfalcon

John Walton: @PhoneDog_John