ASUS EEE Pad EP101TC with Android

Debuted earlier this year at Computex, the EEE Pad EP101TC came out at 12mm thick, weighing 675g, with a 10″ touch-screen, and Windows 7 Embedded. Most of this will still be true for the remainder of the devices life, but there is one significant thing changing; Windows 7 will be ditched for Android. Exactly which version of Android is still under debate, but ASUS is said to be waiting for Gingerbread to officially release before showing off the EEE Pad at CES ’11. As of now, prototypes are said to be running on Froyo 2.2. What’s more, the device is also being rumored to ship with 3G capabilities. CES may be nearly half a year away right now, but we can still dream can’t we? More information may spill before then, but for now, enjoy the following picture while you wait.

Via Android Community