Audible for Android open beta

For those of you who don’t know what Audible is, let’s take a quick second to go over that. Actually, let’s let take a quick second to go over that:

“What Is Audible?
We’re active listeners who enjoy stories well told.

And we’re your destination for the widest selection of digital audiobooks available for download.

Come join the millions of listeners who’ve discovered a new way to receive the entertainment, information, and knowledge they seek. In addition to audiobooks, we’re home to magazines, radio shows, podcasts, stand-up comedy, and speeches from icons who shape our culture, politics, and business world. We feature the best narrators interpreting books by top authors.

How can vocal inflection—a pause, a breath, a smile you can feel through your headphones—add to your experience of the latest best sellers and timeless classics?

Find out by downloading an audio program now.

And listen for yourself.”

Heh, a smile you can feel through your headphones… Essentially, Audible hooks you up with digital books-on-tape, and gives you multiple options on how you choose to listen to them. You may remember Audible for Android coming up a few months ago when Breon got an invite to the private beta. Well the Audible app for Android is officially in the market yet, but open beta has started. You can jump on over to a Google groups for the beta now, and if you’re signed up, download away. For more information on Audible, visit That’s where you’ll find pricing info as well as how to start an account. Is anyone out there going to try this? Let us know how it works out in the comments.

Via Audible