Buzz of Google’s music service grows

As rumors bubble about Apple’s potential foray into cloud-based music storage, Google is apparently set on the strategy from the get-go in a bid to change the way we consume entertainment. (I say “from the get-go” in that Google haves’t seriously approached media management for Android as of yet.) And what else but a calculated sea change and technological leapfrogging could capture the imaginations of the masses and spirit users away from iTunes (as we know it) and into the clouds with technology from the recently-acquired-by-Google Simplify Media?

According to Israeli finance newspaper, Calcalist, Android product manager Gaurav Jain says that the streaming music service will launch with the release of Android 3.0, Gingerbread. The trouble for Google is, that this may come on the heels of a similar announcement by Apple. But while the new product may not cause a mass exodus from Apple camp it sure will go a long way in addressing the regular complaints and justifications from patrons of an undeniably lesser media management system. Let’s hope this is more than just a rumor. (I happen to be one of the complainers.)

Via Know Your Cell by way of BGR