Cellular South updating Hero to 2.1

Congratulations Cellular South HTC Hero owners, you are now eligible to become the proud owners of a device running Android 2.1. Sure it’s not 2.2, and it’s not exactly an OTA update, but hey, let’s not be negative here. Just look at all te new features included:

Picture and video messaging capabilities
Pics Feature Required
Android Market™ with access to latest 2.1 apps
Turn-by-Turn Google Navigation
Preloaded Facebook™ app with
enhanced Facebook sync
Preloaded YouTube™ app
Enhanced Bluetooth support
Voice Dialing
Improved Phone Search
Improved alarm/bedside clock
Multiple Gmail account support
Improved Battery Meter
VPN support
Enhanced ActiveSync support for Microsoft Exchange
Additional Gestures:
Pinch home screen to see thumbnails of all 7 hero screens
dial contact by drawing letters of contact name
Enhanced Device Setup Wizard

Just like Cellular South says, “It’s like a new phone.” For instructions in PDF form, and a download link for the latest firmware, visit the official Cellular South HTC Hero page here. Anyone out there using a Hero on CS? Let us know how the update worked for you.

Via Android Police