Cool app: Awesome Drop

Do you find yourself emailing documents, photos, and even MP3s between your phone and computer? Despite the various solutions for syncing an Android out there, I do this quite a bit. It usually happens when I’m in a rush and I choose email because it’s fast. But if a quick transfer of files as you run out the door is what you’re looking for, Awesome Drop is…awesome. It also happens to be free.

Once you have the application installed, just head over to the Awesome Drop website, and you’ll be given a code. Enter the same code into your phone, and a connection is established. Drop files into your web browser, and watch the progress bar fill up on your device. That’s it. You can’t send files the other direction, but hey, this is free, after all. I took some screenshots of my Vibrant and Mac throughout the process, and then I realized that the Awesome Drop introduction video makes everything clear as day. Simple, simple, simple!

Awesome Drop: