Dell Streak to see 2.2 by year’s end, no T-Mo 3G [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Although the pre-sale page is back now, it was briefly down with a message about sales beginning tomorrow. [END UPDATE]

It’s a bit of disappointing to know that Dell’s 5″ monster of a screen will be displaying Android 1.6 when it launches on AT&T very soon, but Dell’s Lionel Menchaca reaffirmed that the gadget will see 2.2 by the end of the year (sooner if cookers have anything to say about it) and added that the company has no plans to support T-Mobile’s 3G bands and that the device will only be available in Carbon Black for the US launch. Cherry Red will come later.

One of Lionel’s earlier blog entries clarifies the Streak pre-order process. Make note of when those who register will get an email about their ready product: “next week.” Which is to say, this week. Check out a video of a Streak running 2.1 below:

Via Dell by way of Phandroid