DROID X display issues turning up

There’s nothing worse than buying an expensive new gadget only to get home and find out that it’s defective. Oh, wait…there is something worse: pre-ordering a new gadget that ships in small batches only to take it home and discover it’s defective. That’s what’s happening to DROID X owners around the country, and while it isn’t clear how many users are affected, display issues are being reported as a common problem – common enough that VZW reps are swapping out phones and acknowledging flickers, banding, and other glitches as known phenomena.

New orders for the DROID X aren’t to be fulfilled until August. This is likely due – in part – to frustrated would-be Incredible owners switching their pre-orders over to the X, but it looks like both devices will be arriving on 08/03 at this point. Despite the reasoning here, I wonder if quality issues, as seen below, could have been a factor in the delay as well.

Via Engadget