DROID X: pre launch-day mini roundup

The Verizon DROID X is slated to launch tomorrow, and you know what that means: pre-launch day jitters. Ok, maybe no jitters, but the DROID X has made the news today in more ways than one. Some good, and some bad. We can get into the bad in a minute, but first, let’s start off with something good.

First up, we have what I am going to call a moderately terrifying teaser video for tomorrow impending launch. The video doesn’t tell you anything about the device at all. All it does, is keep you awake at night. I must admit, I love how Verizon has made their DROID series out to be some super-natural force to be reckoned with. Better than another Cat Stevens song.

Via Android Spin

Next up, some not so good news. Some of you could care less about this, but according to a poll we’re running here at DroidDog about hacking your Android device, 33% of you do care; enough so that it will effect your device purchasing habits.

Motorola has come right out and said exactly what us hackers didn’t want to hear:

“We understand there is a community of developers interested in going beyond Android application development and experimenting with Android system development and re-flashing phones. For these developers, we highly recommend obtaining either a Google ADP1 developer phone or aNexus One, both of which are intended for these purposes.
At this time, Motorola Android-based handsets are intended for use by consumers and Android application developers, and we have currently chosen not to go into the business of providing fully unlocked developer phones.”

In other words, you wanna hack? Go buy something else. Interesting that both devices they recommend are HTC manufactured. Please HTC, don’t lock us out.

Via Android Spin

Finally in the DX mini roundup, a sign of things to come. There is always one sure-fire sign that a device launch is almost upon us: Best Buy gets the device in stock. Best Buy employees are notorious for leaking us handset retail packaging (not to mention pricing, $199), and letting us know that they are all ready to do it up. When you think about it, it’s a good marketing strategy. No mail in rebate AND picture proof they have the device of your dreams in stock? Sounds good to me.

Via Phandroid

So everyone, who out there is planning on grabbing one of these bad boys tomorrow? Look for a lot more DX coverage here at DroidDog to come. Until then, good luck grabbing your device!