DroidLanding hints get real

Those of you following the DroidLanding Twitter account with hopes of snatching up a DROID X free of charge have likely experienced a bit of frustration and disappointment with previous clues dropped via vague tweets like, “Droid X designate #18 was last seen near interstate 80. Drivers are advised to stay alert,” and “Droid X designate #15 is near mountains. Next to some other mountains. Next to its hdmi port.” But the hints will eventually lead some lucky and vigilant Motofans to high tech stashes scattered around the country. And the details are starting to transition from cruel tease to usable data: “Droid X designate #18 is near the Mall of America. Possibly visiting the Verizon Wireless store there.”

The hunt officially began on July 7th at midnight and will end at 11:59 PM on July 15th. Keep an eye on the DroidLanding Twitter account and check the official rules here. The specificity of clues is bound to increase, as is the number of active searchers. So, if you’re anywhere near Dallas, take a moment to stop by Dealey Plaza and hit the grassy knoll. If you don’t find a DROID X, you can look for bullet shells.