EVO 4G delays hurting more than just your feelings

Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, spent some time talking with WSJ recently and ended up saying some not so surprising things about the EVO 4G delays and the effect it’s having on the adoption of sprint’s 4G network. In reference to the early adoption to 4G and Sprint’s first-to-market strategy, Hesse had this to say:

“We thought we would have more of a head start than we’ll end up having.”

Dan Hays, consulting firm PRTM, has found it necessary to chime in as well:

“The early move to 4G has benefited Sprint from a marketing perspective, but it hasn’t really proven out in a major way in subscriber growth.”

As of right now, the numbers for the EVO don’t look too bad. Macquarie Group is estimating nearly 300,00 EVOs have been sold to date. With the demand higher than the supply, those numbers are only climbing at a slow trickle. Sprint isn’t the only carrier to experience these shortages though, Verizon is suffering as well with their Incredible shortages. HTC is working hard to remedy the problem by picking up extra supplier contracts and ramping up production. By the time things are back on track, will it be too late? At the rate devices are being released, I’m thinking yes. Verizon plans on rolling out their 4G network soon, and T-Mobile will be pushing their HSPA+ devices hard. These two factors combined could definitely make for a huge disappointment to Sprint’s pocket-books. Especially considering the limited availability of the 4G network the future of their company is riding on.