Froyo 2.2 VS iOS4 browser speed

While we here at DroidDog (and by we I mean John) have been up to our own iOS4 VS Android tests lately, it’s always nice to see what kind of results other people are getting. So far, John’s tests have been based around an iPhone 4 and an HTC EVO 4G. The Nexus one and the EVO are just about the same device specs wise, but there is one major difference that will totally change how a speed test will play out: 2.2. If you remember correctly, you’ll remember that there is a 450% speed increase from 2.1 to 2.2. How will this effect the browser speed tests between the Nexus and the iPhone?

In tests where the Nexus had Flash enabled, the were just about dead tied in load time. That’s with Flash enabled. With Flash off… The Nexus wins every time. So there ya have it folks. It looks like Flash isn’t crippling the Nexus, and it looks like Froyo really is that much faster. I wonder… how would those tests have gone if they weren’t using WiFi?

Via The Unlockr