HTC comes clean about the EVO’s 30fps cap

For those of you who have been following the saga of the HTC EVO’s frame rate woes, we have some interesting news to share. During an HTC Aria event, a rep was kind enough to let everyone in on why the FPS has been capped at 30, when 60 is easily achievable. It’s pretty simple really, it’s due the the EVO’s HDMI out. They say that HDMI playback is set to 30fps, so they put the cap in place to ensure functionality. It does make sense, but why not place some sort of governor in the software to regulate the FPS? When an HDMI cable is inserted, the cap turns on. When the port is empty… well you get the picture. We already know that setting the FPS higher than 30 doesn’t hurt the device (like for some odd reason it would), so hopefully HTC will get this mess sorted out sometime before this Christmas. Eh? Get it?

Via Phandroid