HTC Vision, G1 Blaze, G2 Blaze…it’s all good

There are numerous titles flying around for the phone depicted below, which is purportedly that buzzed HTC QWERTY-packin’ monster most commonly referred to as Vision. So what’s the big deal? We already saw this one a few weeks ago. Well, this new leaked image features T-Mobile branding and many suspect that this will be the first device to fully exploit the upgraded speeds of T-Mo’s HSPA+; a device they’ve said would launch in September. So far, in looks like this device is likely the Vanguard phone featured on a recent roadmap leak. Let’s hope that logo is for T-Mobile US.

UPDATE: Thanks to the readers who pointed out what I should have noticed: the logo has the wrong number of dots for the T-Mobile UK stamp, and is definitely indicative of a US launch! [END UPDATE]

Via Engadget by way of TMoNews

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