Incredible looking at Froyo in late July or early August

According to several tipsters all across the internet, the DROID Incredible has been slated to receive an update any minute now that will add some WiFi tweaks, along with a few other features like 720p video record. Well now, according to a letter from HTC that BGR has their hands on, that update will be postponed and bundled with an upgrade to Froyo. When will the update be delivered? The time frame is a short one, as we’re looking at late July to early August. Here’s a run down of what’s included:

I wanted to pass along that the upcoming Incredible MR will also include Froyo (originally it was going to be two separate MRs).

We are targeting the end of the month/first part of August. As a reminder, below are the highlights:

802.11 n
3G Mobile Hot Spot
HTC Widget: Email
HTC Widget: News
EAS Updates
720p Video Recording
Amazon MP3
My Verizon

Worth the short extra wait? I think so. These kind of things have been delayed before, but only time will tell this round. If you happen to notice anything, do let us know. Thanks.