Installing the EVO update prematurely

Most of you have heard that the Android 2.2 update for HTC’s EVO 4G was made available today for download and manual installation (it’s all over our site), but you might have missed the update that came shortly after. Via their Twitter and Facebook pages, HTC publicly stated that the file (which was hosted on their site but has since been removed) is not the official release. They also pointed out that this update could cause problems and implied that all of us should wait for the OTA that will drop next week. Well, I saw the news about the download and didn’t catch the update until I already had it installed.

This isn’t the most exciting video: just an install and some benchmarks. We will have more coverage once the final update is released, or possibly if I run into any problems with this one. I am running 2.2, and I have seen a performance bump.