Introducing GetJar alternative market

So far in the Android game, alternative app markets have been few and far between. Considering that installing an .apk file is as easy as allowing non-market app installation in your default Android settings menu, this is far overdue for a change. Enter, GetJar. GetJar is a large developer driven website that hosts apps for several of today’s hottest mobile operating systems, including your all time favorite, Android. As of right now, there is nearly 75,000 apps available in the GetJar market. Not only is Android the fastest growing OS on GetJar, but the rate at which it’s growing is a feat in itself; 50% month-over-month. Android is the second most submitted OS as well.

To use GetJar, go to their website, and select your device in the upper right hand corner of the screen (there’s currently over 2,000 devices supported). From there, you can browse by category, then browse by top, newest, or supported apps. You can also search apps within categories as well. GetJar is also stepping things up a notch when it comes to helping you find apps that are considered the best of the best; The Gettie:

The Gettie is the premier event designed to showcase the world’s most successful and innovative mobile applications.
It is the only awards event to spotlight top developers across all major platforms in a gala evening attended by the developer elite, industry luminaries, investors and technology press.

The winner of the Gettie for best in Android was Lookout, “Lookout identifies and blocks security threats, backs up and restores a user’s personal data, and can quickly find a lost or stolen phone by pinpointing its location on a Google map or sounding a loud alarm.” For more information on the Gettie Awards and how to become a part of the festivities, visit now.

GetJar is taking the business of apps a step further than most markets have so far. They are focusing not only on open resources and quality content, but the brains and people behind the innovations that make your device what it is today. It’s been said many times before; It’s not your phones hardware that makes it truly yours, it’s what you do with it.

Check out this bonus video of Lady GetJar from the Gettie Awards 2010 and tell me you don’t want to submit an app. “I want your apps. Apps, apps, apps, I want your apps.”