Logitech Revue spot

What does TV do when no one’s watching? Apparently, it slowly immerses itself in the cool waters of a swimming pool…or at least that’s the way a new teaser spot from Logitech portrays the situation. Revue is a Google TV set top box that will make all of Google TV’s (see second video below) affordable for the average consumer. At least more affordable than a GTV compatible Sony television, which most of us can’t afford. The Revue’s price has not been announced, but expect it to hit that irresistible holiday sweet spot that will facilitate world domination.

Check out Logitech’s Revue website here. The unit will run Android 2.1, support Flash, and has backing from Dish Network and Best Buy. Get ready to control your television and DVR with your Android phone and an app from Logitech.