MKB Reviews: K-9 Mail

K-9 MailMost Android users will eventually find their way away from the stock applications that come preloaded on their brand new devices. Whether it’s an alternative SMS application, browser, note taker, or something else – you’re almost guaranteed to find something you like in the Android marketplace. Now you can add K-9 Mail to that list of stock app replacements. This one can [and likely will] replace your stock Android GMail app AND stock POP3 Email app. The advantage of replacing two apps with one is to cut down on time switching between the two and to become an overall more productive Android user.

K-9 Mail is an open source email client for Android that offers multiple account sync, keyboard shortcuts, exchange support, IMAP services, saving attachments, customizable notifications, speed advantages, threaded views, and more! This boatload of features makes it easily one of the best email client on the Android platform. And if that’s not enough to convince you to give this app another look: It’s FAST! You guys probably know by now that I’m a huge fan of the fastest phones and the fastest applications available for these superphones. K-9 mail was no disappointment and I highly suggest you check it out. (cont.)

An advantage provided by this application over the stock email apps that may seem small at first is the ability to change the interface. By default this app has smaller email previews when scrolling through your inbox, and has a white background with black text as the default ‘light’ theme. You can visit the setting of the application, as shown in the accompanying video, and change the default to a black background with white text, also known as the ‘dark’ theme. This is something that will actually appeal to a lot of users that can’t be found in either of the stock mail applications. Another interface tweak in K-9 is the ability to change the default from smaller email previews to larger touch-friendly previews. The default previews of emails from the inbox are typically just fine for portrait mode, but switching to landscape may make selecting email a bit difficult for those without a trackball or a D-Pad. This ‘touch-friendly’ mode makes it easier for touchscreen-only users to select specific emails when sorting through their inboxes. Do the stock Android clients allow for any of this? Nope!

Overall K-9 mail is an awesome and extremely useful email replacement application, and will boost the productivity of those who are reliant on email on a daily basis. You can find it in the marketplace by scanning the QR code at the bottom of this article or visiting the Android market and searching ‘K-9.’

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K-9 Mail