MKB Reviews: NewsRob

newsrobThere’s nothing like speed, productivity, and entertainment all rolled into one free Android application. Seriously, there’s nothing like it – NewsRob is one of these few applications available on any platform that is simple and usable for any audience, yet fast and productive enough for power users. It’s a RSS/Atom Newsreader application that auto-syncs with Google reader. There are several features that separate this app from the rest of the news readers for Android, including the stock News/Weather widget on 2.x devices.

First of all, this app is fast. You can choose whether or not it runs in the background, downloading and caching articles and images in the background. This means you can pull out your Android phone in the subway and catch up on articles you missed that synced down to your device earlier in the day. And when I say this app is fast, I don’t just mean kinda quick, or faster than a few others… I mean FAST. This is by far the most responsive and snappy UI of the scores of other RSS reading applications for Android, which gives it a huge edge over the stock Android News/Weather Widget.

Another nice feature is the clean and unobtrusive UI that goes a long way in an application where all you’re doing is reading and taking occasional notes. You can even go for the PRO version of NewsRob [$4.99 in Android Market] that allows for fullscreen viewing and scrolling through articles. This pro version also includes fit-to-width option for images in articles and a day/night theme toggle for after-dusk reading. (cont.)

Overall, if I haven’t already made it clear, this is by far my favorite news reading application in the Android Market, and if you are a Google reader user or even an active news reader [Which you likely are if you're reading this article] then you should definitely check this out. You can find the QR code for the free version of NewsRob below, and if you enjoy, check out the pro version by searching ‘NewsRob’ in the marketplace.


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