Moto Cliq; 2.1 in the wild

Well what do we have here? The last time we heard about the Motorola Cliq finally getting an update to Eclair 2.1, was in a leaked road-map for T-Mobile that covered from July, until November. According to that road-map, the Cliq and Cliq XT should see BLUR 2.1 by early August, or about a week from now. Now this doesn’t mean you should expect the official update any sooner (or even by early August at all), but a Motorola Cliq running 2.1 and MotoBLUR has been spotted in the wild. How you ask? The Android community of course. Reports are coming in that the new ROM a little sluggish at first, and may be a little buggy, but other than that all is good. You can grab the ROM here, but be warned, this is in no way official and you may have to recreate your BLUR account (no big deal right?). For more info on the process, check out ModMyMobile now. I used to own a Cliq for awhile, and I must admit, the only reason I didn’t like the device was the firmware. It was very solid, and in my opinion, the hardware keyboard just barely edged out the G1. Now that 2.1 is out and about, I’d definitely like to give it a once over.

Via Android Central