Motorola Droid X: Secret Code and must have Apps

Motorola has released Droid X and has succesfully created the hype around it with the controversial eFuse technology which many speculated, would have bricked the phone on attempted roots. However, Motorola later confirmed that this is not true though, Android fans do not really care and are buying the Droid X in spite of these rumors.

So much so, that the handset is out of stock at major shops and Verizon has had to assure customers that although stocks are low in certain counties, the phone is not completely sold out and will be available by the 23rd of this month.

Along with its giant screen size of 4.3″ and a powerful 1 GHz Snapdragon TI OMAP processor and 8 MP camera, the Droid X brings some fun along with it. It is a secret code which you can enter at this page. The code goes as JXYDA QWQYD and was deciphered at Droid Life.

Apparently, the code was found in a video commercial of the new Droid X. See the commercial for yourself.

However, if you already hold a Droid X in your hands, you must check this list of must have apps:

Alarm Clock Plus

Alarm clocks get pretty risky and boring if you can just put it to snooze, turn it off with a single tap, or click. To add to the quirk, Alarm Clock Plus features a math problem for you to solve before you can turn off the alarm. Any attempt to shut off the alarm without solving the sum changes the sum. If you were thinking of turning down the volume, that does not help at all. In short, this alarm will definitely get you out of bed.

App Brain app market with Fast Web installer

The app brain app market is an improved version of the app market with user ratings and reviews. It maintains lists of apps tried and tested by users. Lists can be shared with URLs and apps can be synced between the phone and the online list. With the latest Fast Web installer, now we can install apps remotely, from App brain to the phone as well.

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS adds functionalities to messaging. SMS is displayed as threaded conversations and the app has a hell lot of options for you to explore. One feature I liked especially was changing the user agent of the phone for sending SMS. This app can also turn off notification area updates for SMS which displays the compete message content even if the screen is locked.

Juice Defender with Juice Plotter

Juice defender does exactly what it says. It saves the battery juice on your phone by managing APN, screen brightness, Wi-Fi and a lot more. It has considerable effects on the phone battery life and can claim improvements of the scale of 1.8X at time. It is a highly recommended app. Use Juice Defender with Juice plotter to analyze your battery charging and discharging pattern and track improvements.

MixZing media Player

MixZing is the fastest growing music player for Android. It is the first free media player to sport an equalizer and has support for album art, suggestions and scrobbling. It is the best replacement to the default music player and has a lock screen widget in the paid version.

Apart from this, apps like Astro File Manager, Opera web browser, Barcode scanner and Bluetooth File transfer are a necessity.

Come back to for a detailed review of the Droid X.

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