Mytouch 3G HD could/couldn’t be HTC Vanguard

Well this sure has been a fantastic week of leaks and announcements all over the place. First we hear word of the HTC Vision possibly being dubbed the G1 Blaze, maybe being the first HSPA+ device to come to T-Mobile USA. Then good ol’ Magenta decides to put up a nice little webpage for their first HSPA+ device to make us drool, incidently revealing a connection between this mysterious device and the codename Vanguard.

myTouch 3G HD HSPA+

But now we have an even nicer treat. tipster has sent in a photo of what is believed to be the Mytouch 3G HD (say that 5 times fast). It appears to be of the same form factor of the Mytouch Slide sans the keyboard and a slightly larger screen, of course there aren’t any specs yet so I’m just judging that by the picture above. At the bottom you still see the button layout as on the Slide, with the much favored Genius button in place of a search button. Now this is either a smudge in the picture or something we can finally look forward to. Up on top, right next to the earpiece on the right there seems to be a small circle which could indicate a front facing camera.

Most people would already love to jump on the bandwagon assuming that this device and the mystery device on T-Mobile website are one and the same. But I beg to differ. Claims that this device looks very similar to the silhouette are unfounded in my opinion. The corners are more rounded on the device itself than the mystery device. The Mytouch 3G HD shape has more in common with the Nexus One than the very squared shaped silhouette from T-Mobile. I could be wrong, this could be fake shape of a device to throw me off my tracks but thats not very common when it comes to device announcements like those. I still believe the mystery device will be the G1 Blaze coming out sometime this fall.

Either way I will be happy to see both on T-Mobile shelves this fall. What say you, will you be running for the G1 Blaze with fantastic keyboard? Or do you like the slimmer sleeker style of the Mytouch 3G HD? let us know in the comments

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