Nexus One running 3.0 in the wild?

Probably not. But, it is possible. This is definitely one of those things where each side has a story. Let’s take a look:

Earlier today, John put up a story talking about how GreeneComputing (makers of Linpack for Android), have test results from devices running 3.0, 3.0.1, and 3.2. Pretty big news. Considering that during Google IO, we were told that we would see Gingerbread “before it gets cold,” it’s totally feasible that secret dev versions of Gingerbread (which could be 3.0) exist in the wild. Then again… You could also cry Photoshop and say the picture is fake. Then again, then again, a simple build.prop edit and boom, any firmware version you want. This picture raises an important question though, if this is fake, why did the faker cover the status bar and baseband? Would someone go to this length for their 15 minutes of fame on a couple of tech blogs? Unfortunately, it’s very possible. But then we have the Linpack proof…

But wait… there’s more.

DroidLife did some more digging through their analytics page to see what firmwares have been visiting their site. They were looking for 3.0, and found 5.0. As you can see, this is getting very very confusing. At this point, until you have hard evidence of what firmware version a device is running, don’t treat it as an end-all be-all fact. Just keep in mind, Gingerbread is coming. Fast. It may not arrive in the form of Android 3.0, but it is surely coming.

Via Android Spin