Nexus One runs Ubuntu

It seems that Ubuntu has become the official ambassador to the world for Linux. It’s turning up everywhere, including your Android device. Of course, Android is based on the Linux kernel, though it has been cut out of the official tree. But Ubuntu is an entirely different experience, and the flavor most responsible for Linux conversions in the desk/laptop space over the last four years, thanks in no small part to some viral videos featuring Compiz and Beryl way back in the fall of 2006.

Anyway, after popping up on the HD2 a week or two ago, Ubuntu is now shining on the Nexus stage, thanks to the folk(s) at Below are a demonstration video as well as a how-to. It’s not exactly blazing fast, but the hacker is running Gnome in the first video and KDE (“or something like that”) in the second. I am curious to see how this hack would work running XFCE or Fluxbox or some other lightweight WM/desktop environment. The install runs within Android, so no wiping or anything else that would be considered destructive is required.

A series is coming on the EVO as well, so stay tuned. I might have to give this one a shot.

How to: