North American Desire passes FCC

While the HTC Desire may have been out for awhile now in other parts of the globe, we have yet to see the 1ghz super-phone grace our own continent. According to the FCC, that’s about to change. An HTC device with model code PB99220 just passed through the FCC with WCDMA bands I, II, and V; just the bands needed for Bell, Telus, Rogers, and AT&T. There’s no proof that this device is the HTC Desire, or Triumph, but the original model number for the Desire was PB99200. HTC has a habit of releasing several different flavors of a device and only changing the second-to-last number for each one. Telus was rumored to get the device in the past, so this may just be a good sign for the carrier. Of course, AT&T users have always been able to use unlocked devices with no problem. So even if AT&T never made the Desire official, that doesn’t mean this isn’t good news for their subscribers too.

Via Engadget