Onion News Network app for Android

Witty, sardonic, poignant, sarcastic, relevant, absurd, and gut-bustingly hilarious: these are a few of the adjectives I would use to describe The Onion – a virtual news paper that, when its pages are peeled away, leaves many a reader soaked in tears. And now, just a week after hearing an update on the status of my favorite radio talk show app for Android, I discover that the world’s best satirical news source has made their video archives available in the Market. I am filled with joy!

The Onion News Network, ONN, features interpretations of very real news and pseudo-news programs from the comedic viewpoint that are so dead on, so frightfully close to reality, they’re just as likely to make the audience laugh at the ridiculousness of our daily consumption of media as in recognition of a brilliantly executed punchline.

The Onion News Network app does not include the Op-Ed ramblings, ROFL-worthy “local man” tales, or genuine A.V. club reviews from theonion.com that established the entity as the absolute leader of the online satirical news pack and helped me to sob so many of my cubicle days away. But the catalog of video entertainment is vast and painfully funny. The app is free, so I can’t think of one good reason for you to sit here looking at the screenshots I’ve embedded below instead of downloading the app for your yourself.

Use the QR code above with your favorite Android scanner or search the Market for “Onion News Network.”

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