PHP for Android adds a new Dimension to app development

Android app development is taking over iPhone and will soon go wild. However, the app development process is not as well defined as app development for Windows desktop yet. Though, this is sure to change once we see a sway of developers towards Android.

Android app development using Java (on Eclipse) has gained wide popularity and is in the mainstream already. However, there are many alternative ways of developing Android apps which developers are unaware of. This includes app development using JavaScript, CSS and HTML and Android app development using the latest App Inventor from Google. Whether the App Inventor from Google will support writing codes or not is still doubtful. Adding to the list, now we can develop Android apps using PHP as well.

PHP for Android is aiming to bring over app development with PHP for the Android environment just as we have app development with JavaScript for Android. Android apps developed in PHP will run using the Android scripting environment. PHP supports a vast library and this app development process is sure to take advantage of this fact.


Irontec, a Spanish startup specializing in Linux Systems, is the company behind PHP for Android. The PHP port comes with a very user-friendly documentation, which can help fire up the jets for developers. PHP for Android makes use of the Android Scripting Environment project, which is maintained by Google itself. This adds support for executing scripts directly on the Android device using a native interpreter.

To start with app development with PHP on Android, you will need the Android scripting environment and PHP for Android. Get them here:

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