Possible T-Mobile roadmap leak

I’m going to stand alongside David from TMoNews and say that this snap doesn’t resemble any of the T-Mobile roadmaps we’ve seen in the past and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt. However, as David also points out, the strange appearance doesn’t necessarily render the thing invalid, either. Who knows? This could be someone’s desktop wallpaper at work. It could be a virtual slide from an internal presentation that was left unguarded on the pull-down screen while the presenter hit the head (my vote).

Whatever this image depicts – whether fake or genuine – there are some interesting names printed. Most interesting to me is the month of November, where we see Emerald and Shubert from HTC, while Motorola could be launching Begonia and Jordan. The Vanguard and MyTouch All are some of the more interesting bits from earlier in the year.


Via TMoNews