Retirement party for T-Mobile G1

Well we all knew it would come eventually, its almost been 2 years and thats even worse than dog years when it comes to cellphones. It seems T-Mobile has pulled the G1 from their website making it impossible to buy it anymore. Of course you could still find plenty of them on Ebay but unfortunately this does mark the end of the revolutionary device that started it all.

As many of you I feel pretty sentimental about this. The G1 was the only device that was capable of taking the iPhone head on back in the day. Even though it failed miserably at that seeing as the first few versions of Android weren’t very advanced when it came to the UI and apps available it did begin something fantastic. Pretty much the entire Android community circled around this device for at least the first year of the life of Android OS. But now with some pretty spectacular devices on the market like the Incredible, EVO 4G and Galaxy S people have decided to move on to some greener pastures, leaving the G1 behind and all alone.

Now the only thing left for the G1 is a good old fashion trophy closet. As the icon of the birth of Android there isn’t much else left to say but farewell, you will surely be missed