Rumor: Galaxy S series to start seeing Froyo in August

Samsung Hub is reporting that a Samsung official has confirmed that Korea’s flavor of S, the M110S, will see Android 2.2 in early August, and that Sammy’s Android customizations, like TouchWiz 3.0 and Social Hub, will remain intact.

This doesn’t necessarily signify the impending upgrade for the Vibrant, Captivate, Epic 4G, or Fascinate, but it is encouraging to know that Samsung plans to be right on top of an upgrade path for their software – especially considering the vast performance improvements Froyo brings to the table. Couple that with the Galaxy S’ Hummingbird processor, and you have a package that could blow the doors off of your place. Of course, by the time the update strikes the States, hackers will probably be pushing Gingerbread.

Galaxy S

Via Samsung Hub by way of Android Guys