Rumor: HTC to launch HSPA+ Android by September

T-Mobile has created – through software upgrades only – an HSPA+ network capable of almost three times the bandwidth of their base HSPA system. HSPA+ offers users 21 Mbps, while HSPA stalls out at approximately 7 Mbps. So why haven’t any of us experienced this killer bump yet? Because Magenta doesn’t have a phone that’s HSPA+ ready just yet. But, according to Light Reading, they will: two by the end of the year to be precise, and one of them is said to be an HTC Android that will launch by September.

There really aren’t any any other details on this specific device, but the recent leaks regarding T-Mobile’s HSPA plans are very intriguing. Namely, that alleged snap from a manager’s meeting in Seattle that hinted at T-Mo’s 42 Mbps future. Will all HSPA+ phones be capable of taking advantage of those speeds once network hardware upgrades are in place? The answer to that question, along with any other solid details, remains to be seen. One thing is certain: with mobile displays growing in size and pixels; with phones buzzing dual-core CPUs at over 1GHz; and with cellular networks approaching the speeds of home cable Internet connections, 2011 is going to be a period of rapid evolution for mobile tech.

Let the eternal question remain unanswered: do I upgrade now and for two years hold my peace, or stick it out for just a few more months?

Via PhoneDog