Samsung Intercept (Sprint) unboxing and hands on

I’m getting two Androids with hardware keyboards this week, and I’m kinda excited about it. The Nexus One finally gave me the screen I needed to make the switch completely to virtual keyboards, but it’s nice to type without looking once in a while. I can’t say for sure that this phone will or will not enable me to do that, but the Intercept is pretty slick and I’m adjusting to the QWERTY, even though the keys are virtually flush with the surface surrounding them.

Samsung let go of their less popular Android UI adjustments from the last gen of Androids for Intercept, while holding onto those that make perfect sense. For instance, the shortcuts in the notification pull-down. This 800MHz slider has a 3″ screen and 3.2MP cam without flash, so that should give you an idea of where this one sits in Sprint’s lineup. Think Behold III, not Galaxy S. At $99.99 after $100 mail-in rebate on a new contract or eligible upgrade, it sounds to me like Intercept is priced just right for a mid-range messaging gadget. And I’m sure that we’ll see hefty discounts from retailers before long.