Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) Unboxing

Magenta’s flavor of the Samsung Galaxy S, which is hitting AT&T as the Captivate, Verizon as the Fascinate, and Sprint as the Epic 4G (with hardware QWERTY), is called Vibrant. And if neither of the reflective battery covers pop enough for you, that 4″ Super AMOLED display will. Vibrant indeed.

Vibrant comes with Swype, Kindle, and MobiTV apps preinstalled, as well as a Media Hub program that will allow you to “rent, buy and download your favorite TV shows and movies on your Galaxy S.” Sounds great, but the service isn’t active just yet. The phone feels feather light when compared to the EVO 4G, and the design will probably be more pleasing to females. That isn’t to say that this is a “chick fone,” just that the EVO would not look one bit awkward with a dry shaver attachment.

It will take some time with TouchWiz 3.0 before I can say yay or nay, but I do like those system toggles in the notifications drop-down menu. Now the unlock screen…that will be replaced on my device. Get your questions and requests in now, via Twitter @PhoneDog_John, or via text: 503-MOB BARK. Include the tag, #Vibrant in your message.

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