Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro unboxed and hands on

It’s been a little while since I unboxed the SE X10 Mini, and a couple of people asked if I was waiting for questions and requests. I wasn’t waiting for those (I won’t have time, sadly) but I was waiting on something…the X10 Mini Pro! This cute little guy seems like a beast in disguise. I’ve only had it open for a few hours, but I’m surprized with the versatility of such an itty-bitty thing. If you’re looking for pocket-ability, or perhaps, change-pocket-ability, this device just might suffice. The keyboard is pretty decent as well. But can you live with Android 1.6?

I view the X10′s UI the same way I view the Garminfone’s: it’s an Android base with something entirely unique and distinguishable on top, and while you can count on some familiar features, you should judge the experience as something distinct. Comparing this to other Androids – specifically vanilla flavors – doesn’t make a lot of sense. Though, I have to say that I prefer what SE has done over Garminfone’s interface. In the Mini Pro, I’m seeing fast animations, snappy response, and a lovely home screen.