The Saturday Wrap: 7/24/2010

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Looking for a weekly nutshell of Android news? The Saturday Wrap is for you.

Ahh, this week felt like a good week to take a breather, eh? Not this past week, but the week before, we saw the release of the Vibrant, DROID X, and the Samsung Captivate. This week, device news has slowed down a bit. I mean, c’mon, a release week like that would take a lot to top. Don’t worry though, the leak news is only taking a break before it explodes in the fall. Of course, there is still more of everything else we always cover in the Wrap to go over (apps, reviews, hacking), including some great opinion editorial posts, so let’s get right into this:

Device news:

As I mentioned just a sentence ago, a couple of the writers from DroidDog wrote some very heartfelt opinion editorials this past week; Justin Hubbard and Alberto Vildosola. Justin wrote about a subject dear to many of our readers hearts, his Nexus One. His piece titled “My Nexus One Is Still My Number One” is about how he still sees his Nexus as the best phone for him. Forget all these bogged down UIs and cheap feeling, locked down devices. Bring on the Nexus. Alberto’s post is a bit more controversial; the great topic of how bad custom UIs are on Android devices everywhere. There is still hope though. Read on to find out more.

So what else was going on in the world of Android device news? Among things like the first PTT Android device being released on Boost Mobile, and a couple of Android tablets (one REALLY cheap) making headlines, there’s definitely some more articles out there worth checking out:

DROID X display issues turning up
DROID X Eagle Eye commercial
Droid X uses Five times more Data Bandwidth than other Phones
Official DROID 2 images leaked, dummy for sale
DROID 2 running Froyo, MOTOBLUR in the wild
Motorola Charm planned for 8/25
Motorola i1 to drop July 25th
New Moto DROID slider in the works
T-Mobile’s HSPA+ taking over
Nexus One via Google direct gone
Prepare for the Dell Streak pre-sale
Samsung Captivate commercial

Software news:

It’s almost comforting to see updates steal the headlines in the software news don’t you think? It felt like everyone was seeing an update one way or another. I’d have to say the list of devices that didn’t make update news, would be shorter than the devices that did; The Ally, Galaxy S, DROID X, and the Incredible to name a few of the devices getting updated. Here’s a couple more:

Cellular South updating Hero to 2.1
Moto Cliq; 2.1 in the wild
Incredible looking at Froyo in late July or early August
Droid X Rooted in spite of all the eFuse ballyhoo
Android finds usage in Battle and other Field Operations

Apps news:

What a great week for app news. We saw things like an amazingly ingenious live wallpaper, and a great new way to send files to your phone. We got to check out a couple of apps geared towards the readers out there; NOOK for Android and digital audio books. We even took a brief look into the future of Android and it’s mainstream influence when AOL announced they’d be releasing their apps on the Android platform. Oh, and I can’t forget the piece we did on a new way to download Android apps; GetJar alternative market. With over 75,000 apps and Android as their fastest growing OS, it’s definitely worth a look.

Videos and reviews:

We have a ton of videos and reviews to go over this week, including one very special video post I think some of you will enjoy; the Anti-glare screen protector giveaway. Right now, Carlos has 4 screen protectors for the Nexus he is giving away for YOU to win… if you can pay attention and follow the rules. Check out the video above and read the post here for how to play. Good luck! Oh, and while you’re at it, check out Carlos’ review of the IMDB app. Very nice.

John was very busy with videos this week again, and as per the usual, we get a great look at some great devices. This week we have a video unboxing of the SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro, a walk-through of some interesting features and cool stuff on the Samsung Vibrant, and a glimpse of what CyanogenMod 6 on the HTC EVO will become.

Last but not least in video and review news, we have Marques’ review of the Fox News app. This review is geared more towards the design and UI of the app, not the content.


Well that’s all for this week guys. Be sure to keep checking back with us here at DroidDog for more of all the Android coverage you’ve come to know and love. What shall I leave you with this week? How about Chili’s 4sqr free chips and salsa extravaganza. Sound good? I’ll see ya there. Alright everyone, until next time, enjoy!