The Saturday Wrap: 7/3/2010

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Hello there readers of DroidDog, happy 4th of July. Time to BBQ, swim, watch fireworks, and read about your favorite operating system; Android. This week was not only huge for Android, but huge for DroidDog. John has in his possession an HTC EVO 4G, and an Apple iPhone 4. The best of the best people. We have some killer content on the battle of the titans, with more to come. As per the usual, there’s also more Android news to cover than you can shake a stick at, so let’s get things started:

Device news:

One of the main focal points of the week regarding upcoming devices was the Samsung event where they showed off their Galaxy S US lineup. There isn’t much we have already gone over a million times here at DroidDog, but every refresher counts. The event gave everyone in the tech world a chance to play with the Tmo Vibrant (or Bell Vibrant), Verizon Fascinate, AT&T Captivate, and the Sprint Epic 4G. Everyone has had a chance to play around with the original Euro Galaxy S (same as the US Cellular version), but the US versions are all a little different. You can find a link list here where there’s enough information on those idfferences to go around, including some extra stuff definitely worth a look.

In other slightly less exciting Samsung news, pictures of what are claimed to be the Intercept, or Moment II, have surfaced with quite the slick looking keyboard. More details on the device to come.

Motorola was back in the news this week with, you guessed it, more funky form factors. There are two devices to check out from Moto; the Moto Flipout (which is headed to AT&T), and the slightly more appealing Moto charm, or Basil. The Basil is rumored to head to T-Mobile in the next month along with an update to 2.1 for the Cliq and Cliq XT.

If the Charm and Flipout aren’t your thing, and the DROID X is, check out Breon’s initial impressions on the device. More coverage to come there as well.

Two Huawei devices have made their way into the news, one released and one coming soon. The S7, a 7″ tablet, has arrived at eXpansys for $450, and an unnamed Huawei which features a considerably smaller screen (2.8″) is coming to China soon. The unnamed Huawei has received some good press due to the fact that it is rumored to ship with Android 2.2. The device is being reported to head out in August.

One more obscure upcoming device to mention, the Cisco Cius. The Cius is a business centric tablet which features a Intel Atom processor and 4G connectivity. Be on the lookout for more info on the Cius coming shortly.

The Dell Dell Streak is no longer an upcoming device, but continues to make it into the news every week. The Dell Streak is available for unlocked purchase now at the hefty price tag of $680. Do let us know if you grab one.

In hardware manufacturer related news, there is two stories worth a read; HTC is switching to Sony Super LCD (just might be used in that crazy new Sabor) due to some AMOLED screen shortages, and Qualcomm has officially started shipping dual-core processors for testing. Exciting stuff.


Quite a few apps were released this week that definitely deserve a mention. Among them are the Kindle app for Android, IMDb official app, Pure Calendar with scrollable widgets, and a plethora of Yahoo! services (mail, messenger, search).

Google has announced a new way to pay for apps in the Android market. The Google Chrome Android Payment Extension will allow you to purchase content on the web, and then generate you a QR code to download said content. Yet another way Google is working to make your Google connected experience, even easier.

If you’re looking for a good read on apps and features coming soon, take a look at this piece on Google’s music store. Of course, if music isn’t your thing, you can always read about Angry Birds. Just saying.

Last but not least in app related news is a great review from Marques on QuickDesk Beta. This app have been VERY well received and is most certainly worth a download.


Will there ever be a week where there isn’t a ton of update news to cover? Gingerbread hopes to break that, but for now, we have some Froyo to talk.

As far as Nexus One Froyo updates have gone lately, if you want to stay truly up to date be sure to keep checking back with us. There has been so many lately, the builds update fast enough for news on a leak to be obsolete in 2 days max.

Moto DROID on the other hand, has only one update to Froyo beside FRF84B that just released. If you have a DROID, you might wann get to flashin’.

In other Froyo news, HTC has confirmed that the Legend, Desire, and Wildfire will all see 2.2. Look for the update in Q3.

And finally in update news, 2.1. The unlocked version of the HTC Hero is now seeing 2.1, The HTC Incredible will see an update that’s still 2.1 but will support 720p video (hopefully $25 dollars is enough to hold you off if you haven’t got a hold of one yet…), and after some long unnecessary bricking drama… the HTC EVO 4G got an update with featuring WiFi and battery life fixes.

HTC EVO vs iPhone 4:

I know I mentioned it earlier, but now it’s time to really dig in. Of course, both of these devices are amazing in their own right. When it comes down to it… who really outshines who? While there is no definite answer, these links should help you decide for yourself.

-Photo and video samples
-Photo and video samples part II
-Displays in direct sunlight
-Data speeds

So guys, what do you think so far? Be sure to let us know.


Alright everyone, that’s a wrap! Be sure to enjoy the rest of your weekend, but before you go, might I recommend just three more good reads? OK, here I go. n900 hacked to use Android, myTouch Slide final Q & R, and a very insightful post by Nick Asmar about iPhone’s effect on Android. Enjoy!