Top apps and games in the Android Market

Early this morning, Distimo released their monthly report, for June.  The report covers top apps and games, both free and paid, for Android Market, iPhone App Store, Palm App Catalog, Nokia Ovi Store, Blackberry App World, and Windows Marketplace.

Let’s focus on our lil green buddy…

Robo Defense still tops the paid games list and makes an appearance on the free games list.  There’s also a healthy dose of game console emulators in top paid games.  Technically, emulators are not games themselves.  Notice that nine out of ten paid games are above the $2 mark, over half hover around $4.  It goes to show that folks are spending money on Android games.  Now that larger screens, faster processors, and better graphics chips are the norm, I’d like to see more high quality games in the Market.  Deadly Chambers is a great example of a game that pushes the hardware to the max.

Utilities make up a bulk of the paid apps list…several are for root users alone.  This is some indication of what folks are doing with their phones (a.k.a. modding them).  The top spot goes to a widget…well not just one widget, but a pack of widgets.  I love Beautiful Widgets.  I also love HTC Sense.  What is it they say? “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”?  Again, most of the paid apps are around or above the $2 price point.

Social networking grabs three spots on the free apps list with Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.  Pandora also holds on to the number 2 spot.  Really it should be number 1, because Google Maps come with the phones and can’t be uninstalled.  Folks are going to update it just to get rid of the “Update available” tag in the Market.  There’s one, lonely utility on the list.  Looks like people are willing to pay for their utilities, even when there are free versions in the Market.

Which apps do you use from these lists?

You can get the full report here.

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